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Project results: the InfogenmedLab portal

Understanding the tools suite

The tools developed under the project are now available for preview, including:

  • research oriented tools, for advanced users needing to unify contents from disparate biomedical information sources;
  • rare diseases knowledge resources for decision support and rare genetic diseases studying;
  • educational contents introducing the user to the "biomedical web".

Tools preview and assessment

Current tools are available from the InfogenmedLab portal. Here, you'll learn the tools' features and how benefit from it.

1. Access the demo versions of the tools at the InfogenmedLab (you'll need a login that a INFOGENMED partner can provide you with).

2. Afterwards, be sure to send us your feedback. You can participate by replying to the following surveys:

The questionnaires are available as MS Word documents. Be sure that how have them fill-in and sent by e-mail to


Last page updated: 2004-07-21

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