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Current highlights

Prospective study on Grid Technology

This report presents the results of the prospective study on GRID technology and its applications undertook by the Consortium. The document provides a review of concepts, relevant GRID research and exploitation initiatives, main technologies and tools, and tries to put in perspective the application of GRIDs in the life science domain.

The public project library

Public available documents, such as presentations, reports and public available project deliverables will be published as they become available.

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Presentation Brochure (2002-Nov)


Presentation held at HealthGrid workshop (Brussels, 2002-09-20) Presentation
Paper presented at ICBME'02 - International Congress on Biological and Medical Engineering (Singapure, 2002-12-4/7) Paper | Presentation
Poster presented at ESF Function Genomics and Disease (Prague, 2003-05-14/17) Poster
Short paper and presentation held at BioEng2003 (Lisbon, 2003-04-27) Paper | Presentation
Roadmap to project deliverables Reader's guide



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