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Project presentation

Short summary

INFOGENMED aims at building a virtual laboratory for accessing and integrate genetic and medical information for health applications. Resorting to this integrated environment, clinicians are able to access and relate diseases data already available in the Internet, scattered along multiple databases. Two main issues are involved in this research project:

  1. the integration of heterogeneous medical and genetic databases over the Internet, using an innovative, robust approach;
  2. the integration of medical and genetic terminologies in a vocabulary server.

To achieve this goals, the project encompasses several major steps:

  • design of methods and development of tools for the integration of medical and genetic methods and tools;
  • design and implementation of a friendly interface to support users on searching, finding and retrieving the contents of remote databases, based on a vocabulary server for the integration of medical and genetic terms and concepts;
  • development of an "assistant" to help health practitioners to user the developped methods and tools;
  • application and validation of the system in the area of rare genetic diseases.

More information is available in the project presentation brochure.

As part of the requirements definition effort, a user survey is being conducted; would you care to participate and provide us with your opinion?

Project datasheet

  Project Acronym INFOGENMED
  Title INFOGENMED: A virtual laboratory for accessing and integrating genetic and medical information for health applications
  Keywords Information Processing; Information Systems; Distributed information retrieval; Medical Applications, Health; Genetic databases; Ontologies; Vocabulary servers
  Start Date 2002-09-01
  End Date 2004-08-31
  Funding programme European Community: 5th Fifth Framework Programme
  Programme area IST / Health - Systems for health professionals: creating a "Health knowledge info-structure"
  Project Funding 1.008 million euro
  Project reference IST-2001-39013

Expected achievements

Some examples of the expected achievements of the project are:

  • To facilitate the identification, access, integration and retrieval of genetic and medical information from heterogeneous sources over Internet;
  • To develop new contributions to the exchange and unification of medical and genetic terminologies, which can be stored in vocabulary servers. These servers can be queried over Internet to aid in information exchange between different information systems.
  • Enable further collaboration between two important groups of professionals: bioinformaticians and medical informaticians.
  • To prove the feasibility of the INFOGENMED project in the domain of rare genetic diseases, facilitating the work of medical practitioners in the area.
  • Enhancing progress of molecular medicine and other health disciplines:
    • As long as this genetic information can be added to medical records, these systems will become invaluable sources for population studies of genetic epidemiology.
    • Genetic information in health will form the basis of long-term preventive recommendations and treatments.
    • As our understanding of the genetic bases of drug action increases, physicians will be able to tailor their treatments and prescriptions to the peculiar genetics of their patients.

Partner presentation and contacts are available from the partners section.


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