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Users survey (on-line questionnaire)

What is this survey for?

Your answers to this on-line Questionnaire will be of great value for the INFOGENMED team to identify the requirements and priorities for the definition of practical software tools to enable an integrated and intuitive access to:

  • medical information (regarding diseases, clinical trials, etc) and
  • related genetic information, available from multiple on-line resources.

Instructions for the respondent

  1. Please have a quick look at the INFOGENMED project presentation brochure before answering the Questionnaire. The brochure will enable you to:
    • Quickly understand the project scope and goals;
    • Answer to the "Section 4 - Scenario Evaluation" of this Questionnaire.
    • In addition, you may find more on how genetic and medical information can be brought together, trying an on-line interactive demo of the envisaged software environment.
  2. In case of doubt concerning the meaning of terms, please refer to the Notes for additional explanations. Fell free to contact for additional support.
  3. Expect no more than 5 to 8 minutes to complete the Questionnaire.

Ready to proceed?

You may also consider to:

Privacy statement

The data collected will be treated in strict confidentiality and is destined only for the INFOGENMED user requirements analysis. Contact information will not be disclosed to third parties.


Last page update: 12-Feb-2003
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